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>>  Monday, July 15, 2013

School season is almost here! So, what are some of the things you were excited about going back to school season? Me, well I'm excited for my son that he will be able to be out of the house longer than he was before. Pre-school only lasted for about 4 hours for my son last school year, but this coming school, he's going to be about almost whole day to be in school. I'm also excited for my husband as well, since he has been moved to a different location. Now, he will be teaching on the location which is only about 3 miles away from our home. And he actually told me that he will be coming home everyday too for lunch. It may be a good idea but doing it every day might not be as reasonable as it may sound.

So, I thought why just doing it once or twice a week? Maybe that would work out because aside from the Seriously Safe Stainless steel lunch container I got from New Wave, I also got this Rayon Bag, the Enviro Green Lunch bag that was made from bamboo! Bamboo has been used widely by some manufacturer due to its environmental friendly. It's light as a feather, soft as a silk and strong as steel. The bag is beyond comparable and we love using it! I used it as a lunch bag for my husband to his work and he's delighted with it.

 Along with the Rayon lunch bag, I also received a tinted Seriously Safe stainless steel bottle in blue color which so far we've been using to put juice or milk for our kids as we stroll in the park or had fun playing at the nearby playground. My husband also uses it for work to put cold water on because the bottle fits on our car's cup holder. I wanted to buy more of it, since it's really very useful for all of us. A must have indeed, to stay dehydrated during these hot summer days.

We got an Enviro Seriously Safe Stainless™ Steel Food container and bottle with a Rayon lunch bag, all three perfectly completes hubby's lunch. Thanks New Wave!

 Therefore, if you wanted to experience New Wave great Eco-friendly products, just visit them on  www.newwaveenviro.com. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on their current news and latest products updates.

(I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review/ endorsement purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience in accordance with the FTC guidelines in regards of product endorsements and affirmation in terms of advertising.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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