Someone's Pet got Escaped!

>>  Sunday, June 23, 2013

Last week, we were supposed to go get some groceries, yet all of a sudden, while waiting for me, my husband and my daughter decided to go outside real quick to enjoy the warm, nice weather. When I'm done getting ready, I was wondering where they are. Until I saw them at the neighbor's backyard. Then, after a while, they came back, then ready to go. While driving, he then told me about finding a snake at the backyard of where I also find a rabbit and took some pictures of the nice plants therein. I was so surprised of where the snake came from? We thought it might be from someone's house. Someone got a snake as a pet. I wonder why snake? Really?

 I thought if someone tend to own and keep a snake right at the community where lots of kids and people lived. Maybe, you have to be responsible and make sure the snake would not escape. Seriously? If the snake got escaped then the owner have no right to own it. It's not safe to pet a snake for crying out loud. It's so irresponsible.

As my husband talked about it on the neighbor that also lived in the building nearby the area where the snake has been found. She even told my husband that one person while fishing got bitten by a snake. I was like, it's not safe at all to be by the lake now. It was scary. Good thing that snake wasn't poisonous.

Actually, my husband told me that while they were walking, my daughter actually walked right over it. He noticed it because it was slithering in the grass in the backyard while eating fish flies. We thought it's a Boa because of its diamond shaped like skin and its color as well.

I hope someone caught that snake or the owner realized that he needs to double or triple the guarding he needs to do to avoid this to happened again. This is definitely alarming especially when kids are around her.



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