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>>  Saturday, May 18, 2013

As an online shopper, one of the things I hate about online shopping is when the online store takes forever to send the products I ordered. I don't know why but the website, for some reason, takes about two week to process my order and fulfill it for shipment without even any email letting me know that the products I ordered was in back-order. It's not normal though because some online stores these days approximately fulfilled the order for a matter of within a week the order has been placed. Then, when I followed up my order, that's where they told me that it was now being processed.

 It was indeed a disappointment. As a customer, I always expect to get the products I ordered, sooner as much as possible. I truly really care about what are the causes based on warehouse problem and such, but if the product were out of stock or due to lots of orders, you would expect this things to occur and so it is important to let the customers know to a feasible extent about when their order fulfillment to be met. Therefore, it is important to keep tracking down and as much as possible, let the customer know what was going on. Communication is indeed an effective marketing strategy that needs to be valued.

Since that stressful experience, I didn't make any online purchase at the store I had bad experience with again, though I believe of giving second chances, but we're talking about great customer service here and that has been ignored too. I'm not looking for a reason to be stressed out again. No way!

Although, I have bad experience with online stores, but I wouldn't deny the fact that I still love shopping online. The positive ones are good things that somehow outnumbers the negative ones because I still believe that some online stores has their own mission and that mission is to give their customers a high quality service to take good care of your business effectively.



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