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>>  Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My husband loves to watch movies or browse online using his laptop. However, he always put the laptop on his lap instead of putting it at the table. He would sit on the couch which sometimes makes me feel so uncomfortable knowing that laptop is hot when in use and when placed in your lap without any protection. It could be bad for him and for his laptop to get over heated because of the assimilation of the body heat and the laptop's heat together can be damaging to either both of them. So, I was thinking of getting him a lap desk instead.

So, I was browsing online for an affordable lap desk which ended me up at Amazon.com and found this computer lap desk on lesser price compare to $34.99. I bought it for only $24.99 and plus shipping. He loves it because it's not bulky or heavy. It also supports his 15 inch laptop which also still has room for the mouse. The wrist area is also very supportive when using the mouse and also the best feature to hold the laptop at its place.

My husband also uses it when sitting on the bed. He always love to watch videos or movies before bed time, therefore, this lap gear is a must have because he uses it constantly and just leave him to enjoy browsing comfortably. It also has a under pockets which are great for mouse and headphone storage. Plus, it's easy to clean and absolutely the best solution for hubby to keep his legs from burning.



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