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>>  Tuesday, March 26, 2013

" So many questions but the answers are so few All I really know is, I love you So many questions but the answers are so few All I really know is, I love you"..... 

Is thing song familiar to you? I bet it is. This is the song I always sing as well when I have questions in life that I need answers to. Somehow, life is sometimes like a living question mark, if you may imagine it. But sometimes life is just predictable, you may never know what might happen unless someone had been experienced it. But, there's only one option you can do. If you have questions about internet generally in terms of SEO, web hosting, databases, computers, websites and all that. Well, let me tell you now that answers are waiting for you, you don't need to sing the song anymore because answers are already here, live and free.

Anyway, I also have problem in regards with this matter because i also owned some websites and with all the codes and computer language, I find it very frustrating, like i could sing the song over and over because all I need was just a simple seo answers and I couldn't find it. Now, all I need is to post my query online and experienced users and SEO geeks could answer it by replying to my post. So easy and the answers I was looking for can also be a help to others. it's like a live post which people can able to reply to it and make a conversation.

 So, what for to sing these song now?



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