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>>  Sunday, January 20, 2013

A couple of days ago, my husband posted as his status on a social media site stated that YouTube is the place where he learned a lot of things, I’m quite betwixt and between about it. I thought and replied, as for me, Google is the site where I could actually learned a lot things but on the fence, I found something useful and I think the best site where I could definitely acquire more information. It’s a website where you can actually ask question and also help others by answering questions they have in mind. It is a forum where people can also post a topic and discuss about it by sharing thoughts, opinion and just experiences about it like questions about Environmental Questions, political, science, lifestyle, fashion and a lot more.

So, now I was thinking of joining the group and maybe my husband will interested about it as well. I have lots of questions in mind and this websites will definitely would teach me a lot of things as well. The registration is free; you don’t need to pay anything. It reminds me of one of the site that you can ask questions where if someone answered your query, you will get an email telling you that you got a reply which for me is good because then you can have a track of your question. You can also earn points and promotions; you can also personalize your photos/avatar and share videos to others to see.

Basically, this is a forum where you can socialize at the same time. So, what are you waiting for? Join now and share anything you know and expose your ideas and knowledge to others as well.



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