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>>  Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When my son came home from school every day, I always asked him how his day was. Although, I could just received an answer of “it’s good” but I thought it might be something more. I used to asked my husband as well of how his day at work, yet I stopped doing so knowing that I could just got the same answer from the other day. Now, I thought they might just doesn’t want to tell me about it. Well, I will do the same thing I guess but it is something that might be important not to ignore.

So, this morning, I was watching TV with my daughter when I found the magazine right at the couch, so I grabbed it and started looking at it. One topic that caught my attention is how to make your son to talk more than one word of talking about his day was. I found out that make the question simple; avoid a stressful question that sometimes makes kids to pick up on your anxiety.  Definitely direct question is a good idea, something to open him up.

Then, another thing is to keep the question open minded and be specific. I never been a specific when it comes to asking questions, but I guess this is something I have to consider now. Another thing is to reconvene, so sometimes they are not really in the mood to talk, so better take time and ask them later. And here’s another surefire tips, create a sharing routine for the whole family to share what’s best and what they love about their day.

Lastly, to listen well which sometimes I am may be good about. I intend to keep quiet in order understand my son and my husband but sometimes I don’t have patience to do so. But, I have to learn more about it because I know it will pay off in the end.



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