Recovering C-Section and Healing

>>  Sunday, August 14, 2011

After my emergency surgery, the nurses in the hospital where I stayed at for four days really helped me a lot knowing that they already helped hundreds of patients who underwent cesarean section. At first it was really hard, painful, yet they forced me to stand up and walk. Taking a walk during healing really helped me a lot. They told me to take a shower, take a walk even for a few minutes, and make sure to drink my medicines. Believe it or not getting up as soon as I can and moving around really helped me to recover quickly. Although, I was shaking due to my body is in tolerated with pain, I always have to make sure I moved and walked around. For the first two weeks were hard for me. I was breastfeeding my daughter while trying to take good care of my vertical incision.

Anyway, after 4 weeks, I noticed my incision was healing well. I thanked God for helping me out with this. Though, itchiness drives me crazy, however, I still managed it. I put unscented lotion to make the itchiness gone for a while. Some said it is healing, but I thought itchiness also associated with dryness. So, I have to put lotion on until I have my postpartum appointment on Monday, August 15th. I can’t wait to ask my OB what to do to relieve itchiness.

Well, now I’m still recovering with having an incision, but with the idea of having a surgery can change me a lot. As of now, I can’t wear my jeans or shorts yet that is tight. I always wear dresses, skirts, or leggings. It’s hard but I’m working on it.


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