Great Concept for Car Seats

>>  Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A few days ago, I was online looking for a head support for my baby for her car seat until I found out about this car seat canopy by JJ Cole. I never seen this before even not before my son was born four years ago. It was just a latest invention which I was thankful about.

Since my daughter was born, we always used a blanket to cover her up whenever we went out either at the grocery store, at the mall, or at the restaurant just to keep those unwanted germs and dusts from her. Until I saw this product online at Babies R' Us. I went to the store right away to check on it. Good thing, it was on sale and I got 20% off coupon in any item too. For $24.99, it was marked down to $19.99 then with 20% off, I paid $15.49 for this canopy.

The J.J Cole Infant car seat canopy is very lightweight and breathable fabric that keeps my baby at the ideal temperature and prevents overheating. It has a front opening for quick access to baby while canopy stays in place, and the elasticized outer band conforms to car seat for a perfect fit. It is very convenient which provides easy access to my baby, the front has several Velcro closures that you can individually open/close. and no problem of blanket being blown away by the wind.  I got the Blue Vine color even though I have a daughter. I don't really mind about specific gender color, but this color is perfect though it matches our Eddie Bauer car seat in beige/gray color. It also doubles as a good sun protector in the car. It fits the car seat perfectly, and the elastic ends of the cover work well to adjust to the size of most car seats. I would highly recommend this car seat cover to anyone.


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