When Animals Attack

>>  Monday, June 28, 2010

Have you ever been attacked by an animal? Like a dog, a bee or even a bear? Well, I have been attacked by a bee once and it was a nightmare. I don’t remember being bitten by a dog or being wrestled by a bear. It was a night mare because the stung of the bee is overwhelming. It happened when my brother climb up to a coconut tree to get some coconuts to make a coconut salad. Unfortunately, the bee was living up there and it truly stung him so bad, he fell leaving a scratches all over his thigh due to the fact that he slid through the coconut’s body then to the ground. It was a awful, I felt so bad about my brother. Then, we never know that the bee was still all over, one of the bees caught my leg. It was painful stung. Though I killed the bee and took its stung on my skin but it leaves a painful feeling.

So, I went inside the house and treated myself. After couple hours, the pain is gone but then the bite was swollen. I think it takes weeks for it to get healed. Once it was healed it left a mark which I find very memorable. It was sad and since then I hate being around with bees.

Until now I never forget that experience and it was just a one of kind story to tell..


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