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>>  Sunday, June 13, 2010

This week on Small Talk Six is “6 sure signs that you are stressed out.

Stress is a normal reaction to all of life’s events, some of which are more stressful than others. It is important for you to learn what causes stress in your life and the degree of stress you feel in different circumstances because of the effect it can have on your body. Therefore, as for me, I always have time to cure what stresses me out and bring back the real me as much as possible.

So here are my list of signs that I am stress.

1. It seem like I have a speaker with me all the time.

2. Hubby was wondering if it is time for him to buy some new box of feminine napkin.

3. The house will be pretty clean and welcoming...

4. I'll be itching my hands every now and then because of these tiny bumps..which is so weird. This is absolutely one of my sign that I was stressed out.

5. Can't wear a smile on my face even I'm watching comedy show. This is serious!

6. Lastly, I went shopping! And don't wonder why I don't even bother answering calls!

Well, stress can be both positive and negative. Good stress can inspire you to work harder and accomplish great thinks. It can spark your creativity and make you a better person. On the other hand too much negative stress in your life can cause illnesses, various forms of serious medical conditions, and have a serious impact on your overall health and wellness.

Well, I guess stress should be balance to enjoy life to the fullest.


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