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>>  Thursday, June 10, 2010

Last Memorial day, my sister in law showed me a catalog where the show was native from my country Philippines. I was so inspired by it and wanted to watch the show soon at my school. My sister in law showed it to me because she thought I might get interested with it and sure I am which made me so excited to watch the show this coming October. Then, when I was still looking at the catalog I saw my favorite singer who is going to be here in Michigan on August where she will be having a show on the same theater. I wanted to watch her too, singing.

Anyway, my husband is quite very supportive when it comes to watching my favorite theater shows. He loves watching concerts too. As I mentioned to him that I wanted to watch this show at my school, he showed me some of the latest concerts that will be soon available at the Palace of Auburn Hills like Aerosmith’s concert. The palace was just an hour away from us. So it was not that bad. Then, he showed to me some of the show and games that might be available at the Comerica Park which is closer to us maybe almost an hour and a half away from us but there are no many shows available yet.

Well, I am thinking that if soon we will go to Florida for a visit, why not watch a Shakira concert at American Airlines Arena - FL. I loved Shakira and her music so much, but my husband wasn’t so into her. I really wanted to see her dance and sing as well but not so sure yet since hubby wasn’t so into this but he said we might go to Texas this fall for his assignment and maybe we might be going to American Airlines Center – TX. I don’t know now because the last time I checked I wanted to watch a concert of one of my favorite singer but don’t be Shakira and Micheal Buble is in Texas too this coming October. I don’t know now, maybe we will see which states were going soon. I will keep on checking what events might be available soon at ticketamerica.com.


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