First Day of Summer

>>  Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today is officially a first summer day! Isn't it exciting? Well, yes for me! You will understand if you live in a part of US state where summer is limited. I know the feeling now of being bound to something that I wish I could do something about but of course, it is impossible unless we move out of state and live in a tropical country. I think I will miss the winter by then. Well, I don’t know I think living in the state of Michigan was just perfect. The summer weather was not so hot or so cold but approximately only reached the degree Fahrenheit of 76 to 86, unlike in other state where 100 were possible. I can’t picture myself being at over 100F of degree summer weather. It might be a smoking affliction. I don’t know but I had to live for 24 years in a tropical country and I know how it feels like and all year around. So, when I got here in US, I got so excited because then I could able to enjoy winter and just forget about being in the sun for a while but of course, I’m at the opposite direction now!

Anyway, when summer day is officially upon us, I have some fun things to do in mind and looking forward to do in the next couple of months. I planned to go to the zoo, beach maybe, strolling at the park, visit some friends, and visit my in laws probably. Then, maybe will go in a water park adventure again. But of course, it always depends of how my husband could get a day off from work. It was so hard to make plans when things aren’t on your way. So, I think I have to wait and then make a turn of planning the vacation. I think this is a good idea than being sorry in the end because of some circumstances we can’t stop.

So, I just have to wait and wait…. but as of now, maybe out in the sun is quite a fun thing to do as well...


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