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>>  Friday, April 9, 2010

When we were up north last weekend, it was a fun vacation but sometimes it is the most annoying one. The house we were staying at was having problem with the septic tank and so we can’t able to plush the toilet unless if we went poop but you can’t plush if you just pee or something. It was annoying and I always forgot about it and so sometimes the toilet gets stuck up and won’t stop running. I thought my mother in law might need to contact a septic tank cleaner to clean out her septic tank and maybe it could help out to lessen the problem. Every time we were up there, there’s always problem around. I wish she could read this, so she will know but of course, I care about her and having a problem like this with your house is really stressful. So, thought of giving her a thought about it and it might be a good help.


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