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>>  Friday, April 9, 2010

This week on Small Talk Six topic is 6 of the most exotic or the strangest things you’ve ever eaten.

I only have few memories of eating exotic food but I will share them to you but as I go along, I will remember more, so bear with me.

1. Frog legs - I never had a frog legs before but when my husband and I went to a nearby restaurant, I ordered a seafood combo meals with frog legs in it. It was actually good, taste like chicken.

2. Whole small Squids - I always love to eat squid but I seldom eating them because of short supply.

3. Raw meat of goat - It was actually good as long as it was done perfectly. My mom used to do this and she's good at making this.

4. Snail cooked in coconut milk - I loved it and my mom is still the best when it comes to cooking snail.

5. Balut - I always loved this! I missed eating them too! Balut is actually a 2 to 3 week-old hatched duck egg (with embryo), which is hard- boiled. It can be spiced up with salt, vinegar w/ diced garlic and onion, and chili.

5. Dog meat Stew - it sounds so scary but I did taste a dog meat a few years ago. We have a renter who happened to be married to an Ifugao, a landlocked province of the Philippines and one of their favorite exotic food to eat is a dog meat. One time, they had a party at home and we were invited. I went and of course, they have other food too but one of which is made with dog meat. I tried it to see how it taste like, a small bite made me wonder, it really taste like a chicken meat but with a thought it's a human best friend, I never even bother to eat it again.


Karen of 3G2S April 11, 2010 at 3:57 PM  

I find squid to be too chewy and just plain creepy looking.

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