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>>  Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This week on Tuesday Toot, I wanted to share about how important it is to have a sister date. Last Monday, my sisters in law and I went out to watch a movie “The Last Song” and then we dine out and then go on with our separate ways in the end of the day. I thought it is really important to develop good bonding with your in laws despite the fact that sometimes some of you had not seeing quite a long time. My sisters in law are just good people and very nice extended family which I never thought I could have. I think I am one of the many who get lucky when it comes to in laws. It is not because I married their brother but they treat me as their one of their girlfriends.

So, here are some of the helpful tips on how to bond with your in laws and be close to them.

A sister-in-law is often a component of the brand new family one takes on with marriage. While a bunch of new relatives may seem awkward, if you can win over your sister-in-law, you've just made a powerful ally in family relations for years to come. Get your sister-in-law to see you as a fun new person instead of a stranger with these tips.

When you treat your new sister-in-law as an individual, you are recognizing her as her own person and not just another relative. She'll probably enjoy answering questions about herself and sharing her interests. Get her opinion on things, from the newest blockbuster movie to the latest election results. Forming your own relationship - and possibly a strong friendship - with your new sister-in-law will strengthen the bond between you.

Don't rely on your spouse to be the messenger between you and your sister-in-law. It's all too easy to rely on your spouse to do all the talking between you. When you are inviting her over for dinner, call her yourself rather than send the message with your spouse. Send her a personal thank you card for something she's done for you and keep track of important things, such as her birthday. Even just calling her on the phone for a chat can go a long way in winning her over.

When a sibling gets married, often the other siblings may feel a little jealous or replaced. When you are polite and respectful, you are giving her time to get used to the idea. You won't be best friends from the first moment, but over time and with the right attitude, you can become very close.

If you find that you and your sister-in-law have something in common, use it to spend time together. Whether you enjoy romantic comedies or you both enjoy hitting early morning yard sales, building your relationship separately from your spouse and your in-laws may just help you win over your new sister-in-law.


Mommy Rubz April 21, 2010 at 6:23 AM  

As for in-laws, wala sila dito. They are all back in Cagayan de Oro. Wala kami relatives dito sa Bacolod. :(

Shyle April 25, 2010 at 10:35 AM  

Hi, congrats that you have a good relationship to your sister-in-laws because of that I included you to my selected friends whom I gave a sisterhood award..Please check on my blog.

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